Empowerment Training on Career Building

An empowerment session was organized by chhori on 16th May 2017 .The topic of the session was Career Building. The facilitators provided information about the career building during the session. The session was conducted in interactive way. The empowerment session is a part of mobile counseling service. The aim of the session was analyze their situation by themselves and motivate them for their career plan. In the beginning all the participants gave introduction through game. Later all the participants stay on meditation. After that facilitator engaged them in art work .Through art work they expressed about their education status and their struggle for education. They discussed what they have worked till now likewise which work they enjoyed and not. They also realized their skill and appropriate career for them. The facilitator gave ideas for search jobs and initial preparation for jobs. The response of the participants was good about training .They said it was really helpful for their future .Participants said they will plan about their career and work hard for their future.

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