10th National Day Against Human Trafficking.

Chhori, KI Nepal and ministry of women, children and social welfare Jointly organized 7 days online campaign on ” How to reduce human trafficking and personal commitments of people to reduce it”. This program was organized on the occasion of 10th National day against human trafficking. The campaign was conducted from 17th of Bhadra to 23rd of Bhadra 2073.

119 People from different sectors participated in the camp. They are 1) People working in NGOs/INGOs 2) Journalists 3) Students 4) People working in private sectors and professional like doctors. engineers, nurse etc and people living outside the country 5) People working in government offices 6) Teachers/Lecturers and  7) Foreigners participated in this campaign.

The campaign has made the people once again to think about the issues of human trafficking. And it has helped to raise awareness against trafficking through online medium.

Chhori and KI Nepal want to thanks ministry of women, children and social welfare for its support in organizing this campaign.

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