Who are we?

Chhori is national level leading organization formed and led by women only. Chhori is our Nepali word for “daughter”, a name chosen to reflect our mission to create n equal and just Nepal that loves respects and empowers our daughters in a way that no one feels discriminatory just because born as daughter Chhori has been working in four themes They are: Prevention from trafficking, unsafe migration, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and menstrual discrimination, Protection and empowerment for the victim and survivors, Advocacy,Coordination and networking. Chhori comprises of 35 women member and its executive board is governed by  women . We value women are at heart of development considering that girls and Women have equal rights. Chhori has direct project intervention in 4 districts of Nepal called Nuwakot, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. Alongside, we run
different capacity building programs and awareness campaigns covering the entire nation.


The vision statement of Chhori is: – Society free from any sorts of discrimination against girls and women


Self empowerment of the girls and women with skills and knowledge, which will enable them to challenge the structural discrimination and defense injustice, violence and exploitation  in order to live a dignified life.

Our team

Chhori is governed by a diverse, young, all female board. Decisions are made through mutual agreement. Our power structure is horizontal and position titles are to denote responsibilities and tasks only.