Art Therapy Volunteer Programme


Location: Lalitpur District, Kathmandu, Nepal

Purpose: The Art Therapy Volunteer Programme is flexible: volunteers can stay for as little as one week and as long as a few months. The volunteer will work with young women who have experienced gender-based trauma of various sorts and now live in a shelter run by Nepali NGO Chhori. She will provide art therapy sessions for the women at the shelter and also train the shelter's staff in art therapy so that they are able to continue using it as a method of helping the shelter's beneficiaries


• Provide art therapy sessions for young women for approximately 2 hours a day, depending on the number of women and need for services

• Train shelter staff and volunteers in art therapy so that they can continue to use it as a recovery method in the future


• Must have or currently be pursuing a degree in art therapy

• If the volunteer is using this as a practicum towards a degree, the responsibilities can be altered to create a program that meets the needs of both the volunteer and the shelter

• Experience working with women or victims of trauma preferred

We Provide:

• An orientation fit to your expectations, including trips to sites in Kathmandu and basic language lessons

• A language partner for the duration of your stay


• Lodging and food will be provided.

• Travel to/from Chhori will not be provided (i.e. airfare from UK to Nepal) and visa fees are not provided.

• Although this is a volunteer programme, the cost of lodging and food requires that we charge a volunteer “donation” relative to the duration of the stay.



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