Education Internship


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Purpose: The purpose of the Education Volunteer is to create and implement a curriculum in Nepali schools that will help decrease gendered violence in the country through its children and teenagers.


• Create curricula for children of various age groups that focuses on Nepal-specific issues of gendered violence as well as fundamentals of reproductive health

• Teach educators within Nepal about issues relevant to gender violence, and help them in creating lessons for students

• Work with school directors to implement this curriculum in the long term


• Background in education, women's studies, or human rights preferred

• Ability to create and implement curriculum for a variety of age groups

• Strong communication skills

• Research skills: must be able to condense information on various topics into lessons understood by children

We Provide:

• An orientation fit to your expectations, including trips to sites in Kathmandu and basic language lessons

• A language partner for the duration of your stay


• Lodging and food will be provided.

• Travel to/from Chhori will not be provided (i.e. airfare from UK to Nepal) and visa fees are not provided.

• Although this is a volunteer programme, the cost of lodging and food requires that we charge a volunteer “donation” relative to the duration of the stay.



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