A Charity Show for Chhori

“One of my dad's close relatives touched me on my private parts and tried to repeat it again and again over the course of time. He used to approach me whenever I would be alone especially while climbing up the stairs or alone in a dark room."

A member of Chhori recollects these bitter experiences of sexual abuse from her childhood days. These experiences are not only her but of most of all girls in our society even today. But such cases are kept always hidden because of social stigma and other social reasons. Considering the alarming situation of child this fact, Chhori is dedicating its voice to address the issues of child sexual abuse in Nepal. It applies different method of awareness to sensitize the mass.

With an objective of making people confront with the grim reality of child sexual abuse through theatre, Actors' Studio and Theater village are now staging Mahesh Dattani's Thirty Days in September, a play about multi-generational incest in an Indian family and it deals with its long term effect as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With an objective of making people think of reducing the risk of sexual assault,  Chhori is organizing a charity show of the play and we wish you to support our voice against child sexual abuse.

Date: Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time: 1:00 p.m. (Sharp)


Recharge Card Selling Program (RECAP) Campaign

In the joint collaboration, Chhori and Center for awareness promotion Nepal are organizing Recharge Card Selling Program (RECAP) campaign. The amount collected from this campaign will be used for sustainability of the shelter program running for the women and girls who are working in entertainment sector, and for educational support to them.

Free Psychosocial Counseling


Chhori in partnership with CAP Nepal and Daudhter's effort to Social tranformation (DEST) is organizing free psychosocial counseling and health service to women who come in Pashupati in each MOnday of Shrawan Month. The campaign is aimed to provid information to women to make them aware on healthy fasting and to inform some of the ways on how to reduce the descrimination between son and daughter. It equally raises its voice to stop the gender based violence on women because of son preference culture.

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