Osteopathy Volunteer Programme


Location: Lalitpur district, Kathmandu, Nepal

Purpose: The osteopathy volunteer will provide osteopathic services to women living in a shelter and those working in the entertainment sector in Kathmandu, Nepal. She will provide physical care to women who have suffered gender-based violence, particularly in situations of sexual exploitation.


• Provide osteopathy services to young women of various ages who have dealt with varying experiences of gender-based trauma

• Train shelter staff and volunteers in osteopathy so that they can continue to use it as a recovery method in the future


• Must have a degree in osteopathic medicine

• Females only (as the environment of the shelter needs to be welcoming for the girls)

• Experience working with victims of gender-based violence preferred

• Flexibility is critical as this will likely differ significantly from any previous experiences in practicing osteopathy

We Provide:

• An orientation fit to your expectations, including trips to sites in Kathmandu and basic language lessons

• A language partner for the duration of your stay


• Lodging and food will be provided.

• Travel to/from Chhori will not be provided (i.e. airfare from UK to Nepal) and visa fees are not provided.

• Although this is a volunteer programme, the cost of lodging and food requires that we charge a volunteer “donation” relative to the duration of the stay.



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