Awareness/Advocacy Campaign

Program against son preference culture:

My father in law says ‘you are criminal so you are not able to give birth to a grandson for me’ and you are ending my lineage” one of the board members shares her bitter experiences when she has only two daughters ‘and she is under pressure of having next baby as a son for her family. These experiences are with many Nepali women even now. The son preference culture victimizes the women in one hand and girls are not given importance in the family from the beginning of their life on the on the other hand. Chhori wants to end this kind of gender based violence from Nepal.

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Women and girls Empowerment Program

Creating safe/protected Space for the all the women/girls

The women activists who are working in the social field to change the lives of other are facing many problems in their own lives, they are listening the problems of their relatives especially the female relative but still they are just busy to work in the office to address the issues of society for women . Chhori questions how can they work to other if they themselves are not ready to solve their own personal problems, family problems and problems of their surrounding.

a. Personal sharing session , b. Art therapy Session , c. Dance Movement Therapy

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Image (Initiation of males in gender equality)

Facebook campaign: Chhori aims to spread awareness on gender equality and make all the people gender sensitive.

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