Empowerment & Self Care Program

Empowerment sessions is a tool of letting our beneficiaries know about their ability, build up confident level, make self-analysis of their problems and search the solutions by themselves. Being in a patriarchal society and working in slavery like situation, women are not being able to realize their capacity and potentiality. They are grown up in such schooling and social practices that” women are incapable, dependent and can’t be bread earner”. Such hegemony affects the girls and women and can’t ever think out of the box. So our core intention is to enable themselves to for self-realization and resilience. Our task is to help them to reshape their thought about themselves and help them to make better and prosperous life “ a confident woman who understands her human rights, love herself, care for herself and ready to act for her better future” despite all the blaming and underestimates the society does for her. Six levels of training help them to transform themselves completely. Eventually, they are able to have a dignified life with completely transformed mindset.

Six topics of empowerment sessions

  1. Self evaluation for empowerment
  2. Problem identification and its solution
  3. Self care
  4. Career building
  5. Budget management

Identification of resources and planning