Mobile counseling camp, weekly based counseling service

AltMobile counselling camps are organized in order to create an emotional safer space for girls and women working in entertainment sectors to make them realize that they are heard. It is also our approach to make first contact in individual level with them in their own work place. These groups of women are further supported through regular counselling services, empowerment sessions, legal support, IGA support, vocational training, shelter support and job placement on need basis. Our beneficiaries can’t come to us because of time, control of owners and distance. Therefore we go close to their working place. Mobile counselling camp helps us to reach in all major geographical areas of Kathmandu and also helps us to know the situations and changing trends in entertainment sectors. Reaching wider numbers of beneficiaries and providing onsite need base support even though limited resources is possible through this camp.

Services provided during the mobile counseling camp

  • Outreach activity: Outreach workers meet with AES« workers individually in their working place. They visit at least 4 times to build rapport and invite, share about the services that the organization provide
  • Sharing information: Chhori welcomes AES worker and informed about various topics like CSEC, menstruation, trafficking and services of Chhori. It also collects their basic information on working situation.
  • Health check up: The girls and women have a general health check up and information on sexual and reproductive health during the camp. Chhori also collect the sexual and reproductive health situation of each worker and provide necessary to support to each of them.
  • Individual counseling: Each AES worker is provided psychosocial counseling by trained psychosocial counselor. Similarly legal counseling is also done by the legal officer and Chhori starts supporting in legal aid as well.