Mobile counseling camp, weekly based counseling service

The girls and women who are not in the shelter but are in need of similar services and receive them at the mobile counseling camp. We organize such camps in areas with high concentrations of entertainment workers (dancers, singers, servers at disreputable night clubs). Due to the convenience of the camps, we are able to reach many more at-risk girls and women. We normally organize five days camp in each place. Our field workers visit the areas since one month and invite the girls and women for counseling. Creating safe space physically and helping them to be with them emotionally are our two key strategies to bring them with us and make them know, understand, observe them. If they are ready to exit from the exploitative work place we help them to exit and keep in the shelter. if they are not ready we invite them to come again to different weekly based counseling service.We keep in touch with clients contacted through the camps on a regular basis.

The detail activities conducted in mobile counseling camp and weekly based counseling services are presented here through photos: