Public Relations Internship


Location: Kathmandu District (Kathmandu Valley), Nepal

Purpose: Use new and existing technology to support Chhori in graphic design, advertising, and marketing.


• The public relations intern will use technology to implement better design for Chhori website and promotional materials

• The intern will design the English edition of Chhori's monthly magazine, Sankalpa

• The intern will be in charge of marketing the magazine and creating advertisements

• The intern will be expected to work on innovative and creative content for the English version of the magazine to create it as a sustainable long term publication

• The intern will be responsible for weekly blog posts


• Background in web design and knowledge of html

• Background in art and graphic design

• Marketing experience is a benefit

• Ability to create and implement the online edition of a magazine

• Support in various activities and outreach from centre

• Photography experience is preferred (camera provided)

We Provide:

• An orientation fit to your expectations, including trips to sites in Kathmandu and basic language lessons.

• A language partner for the duration of your stay.


• Lodging and food will be provided.

• Travel to/from Chhori will not be provided (i.e. airfare from UK to Nepal) and visa fees are not provided.

• Although this is a volunteer programme, the cost of lodging and food requires that we charge a volunteer “donation” relative to the duration of the stay.

This public relations internship fights for human rights and advocacy of girls and women in Nepal. Applicants must be creative, with solid writing skills.



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