Women’s Shelter Volunteer



Location: Lalitpur District, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Purpose: The purpose of the Shelter Volunteer is to provide enrichment and education to the women living in the Shelter for Women, provided by Chhori/CAP Nepal. As of June 2014, 15 young women live at the house. These women come from different walks of life, and different education levels. A Shelter Volunteer will assist with English education, tutoring, basic therapy, cultural exchanges, and other knowledge based learning.


• Volunteers will be responsible for teaching English lessons for 1-2 hours per day. The curriculum will be set by the volunteer, and basic resources can be provided. Additionally, volunteers are asked to assist girls struggling with the language with tutoring.

• Volunteers will provide lessons on special topics ranging from building self-confidence, negotiating and reading, to colouring, sketching, and writing.

• Volunteers will offer seminars of their choice. Past examples include health, dance, business, speeches (competition), and etiquette (manners).

• Volunteers will have the opportunity for a cultural "exchange" - volunteers will be able to prepare their own meals with the girls to teach them how their respective culture cooks. In return, the girls at the shelter and staff will reciprocate with lessons on traditional Nepali cuisine.

• After working with the girls and young women, the volunteers will work with the job coordinator, psychologist, nurse, and shelter staff to identify an appropriate re-entry strategy.

• Volunteers will receive training on the various methods of art therapy from the psychologists and counsellors on the Chhori staff, and facilitate art therapy sessions with the girls and women.


• Education or background in education or psychology preferred.

• Females only (as the environment of the shelter needs to be welcoming for the girls).

• Openness to new experiences and change.

• Ability to maintain confidentiality.

• English skills are important in this position.

• Must be able to commit to at least 65 days of service (2 months), preferably between 4 and 5 months.

We Provide:

• Lessons on art therapy, and basic counselling techniques

• Issue resolution, and cultural training

• An orientation fit to your expectations, including trips to sites in Kathmandu and basic language lessons

• A language partner for the duration of your stay


• Lodging and food will be provided.

• Travel to/from Chhori will not be provided (i.e. airfare from UK to Nepal) and visa fees are not provided

• Although this is a volunteer programme, the cost of lodging and food requires that we charge a volunteer “donation” relative to the duration of the stay.



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