Chhori believes that the people from all level should commit to end human trafficking and exploitation on girls and women.
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Chhori visions to empower the girls and women through economic independence. It is only the best approach to empower in the true sense.
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Chhori is national level leading organization formed and led by women only. Chhori is our Nepali word for “daughter”, a name chosen to reflect our mission to create an equal and just Nepal that loves respects and empowers our daughters in a...
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Self empowerment of the girls and women with skills and knowledge, which will enable them to challenge the structural discrimination and defense injustice, violence and exploitation in order to live a dignified life.


The vision statement of Chhori is Society free from any sorts of discrimination against girls and women. 

Chhori’s Objectives

  1. Support to organize and strengthen the self empowermentof the girls and women.

  2. Provide Assistance on the capacity building of the vulnerable girls and women to combat the socio, economic barriers against them.

  3. Assist to identify the girls and women victims of exploitation or at risk, help to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate them into the family / society

  4. Strengthen the networking, coordination, collaboration and advocacy among the likeminded organizations, authorities and stakeholders to prevent and protect the girls and women from exploitation.

  5. Increase the public awareness on the fundamental rights of girls and women.

  6. Carry out campaigns, study, research, publication and dissemination on different issues of girls and women.

When you invest in a women or girls, she will then invest in her family and other women and girls. 



Chhori’s Activities

Shelter Program

Lobbying and advocacy

Chhori’s handicraft 

Mobile counselling camp 

Prevention program

Campaign against GBV and Trafficking

Empowerment Training program 

Transformational training  program 

Radio program 

Chhori’s Videos

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Telephone+977- 1-5104105


Puspa Marga, Subidanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu. Nepal

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